A construction site always needs an additional power source. It often happens that the construction of a country house or cottage is located on a site remote from the power grid, sometimes it is possible to connect the power only at the end of the work. There are many other arguments in favor of the need for a generator for the construction site, about how to choose it correctly, and we will talk in this article.

The main factors that determine the choice

Of course, when choosing a generator for the construction, you will, above all, be guided by the operating conditions, your financial capabilities and personal preferences.

We advise you not to lose sight of a number of important points that will help you to get a reliable and efficient unit:

  • power;
  • number of phases;
  • operating mode;
  • presence of auto-start;
  • type of generator (synchronous / asynchronous);
    noise level.

By determining the norm of these characteristics, you will greatly simplify the task of choosing the necessary unit.

Diesel generator – the best option of backup power supply for construction

As a rule, work at sites is carried out throughout the day, so it is best to choose a power plant with a liquid cooling system. Diesel generators cost more than others, but they are specially designed for intensive operation. In this case, the purchase is justified only in the case if you will give the device a strong load.

If your construction site is not as global as you initially thought, and the work does not require connecting additional equipment, it is better to choose a gasoline generator.

However the advantage of the diesel power stations is not only in high power, but also in economical fuel consumption (about 70%). In addition, you can use the generator not only during the construction, but also in the future as a backup power source for servicing your home. We advise to take care of noise insulation, for example, buy a model with a soundproof cover Europower NEW BOY EPS-103DE.

Of course, you should pay attention to the mobility of the unit, for sure you will have the task to transport it from one object to another. Therefore, take care that the power plant was equipped with special handles or wheels.

So, as a result, we can conclude that the optimal generator for the construction site should be:

  • powerful (not less than 15 kW),
  • equipped with a diesel engine,
  • with automatic start (for your convenience),
  • with a capacious fuel tank,
  • economical in fuel consumption,
  • complete with noise protection product and transport accessories.

By following the above tips and analyzing each example in detail, you will easily select from the list the generator that will allow you to competently perform all the work on the construction site.

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