Our customers have a variety of models and applications available for rent. Our rich selection allows us to meet the needs of both professional construction teams and private craftsmen. We have developed the most favorable conditions for the rental of tools for each customer: regardless of the amount of your order or its duration, we will select for you the best option of cooperation!

Not always the purchase of their own construction, installation equipment is justified, it is much more convenient, easier, faster to take the necessary tools for rent. If you – the representative of the construction team or private master, who needs to perform complex seasonal work, then the tool for rent will be the easiest way to get a serviceable, productive, reliable device for any required period!

The main advantages of using the service tool rental:

  • elimination of equipment maintenance costs;
  • Use of equipment only when it is really needed;
  • no need for tool repair;
  • opportunity to check the device before buying it;
  • exclusion of expenses for disposal, replacement of outdated equipment.

Often we are approached by builders, fitters who have planned to purchase their own equipment and wish to check this or that model in action. Thus our company provides the tools in rent, guaranteeing its tenants high quality: we carefully monitor the condition of the proposed equipment, carrying out timely maintenance, repair!

Our company cooperates with individuals and legal entities, providing each client with personal approach to problem solving and honest service. We adhere to a policy of maximum transparency: the cost of rental equipment directly depends on its type, features, rental terms. For regular users of the rental service who turned to us more than 3 times, we are ready to offer the rental of rented equipment without making a deposit!