The compressors we supply for rent (air pressure devices) are used very widely: in construction, repair and finishing, machine shops, production, medicine and household. To ensure the work of pneumatic tools: spray guns, spray guns and sprayers, demolition hammers, concrete breakers, rotary hammers, drills, grinders, wrenches, staplers, nailers, you can use the service rental compressor.

They differ first of all by the working pressure. All existing units are divided into low, medium, high and ultra high pressure compressors. The last two classes are used in industry, deep sea work and research, mining, tunneling, etc. We offer the service of medium (standard) pressure compressor rental – models with working pressure up to 10 bar.

Also, the devices are divided by:

  • Professional Level – domestic, semi-industrial, industrial;
  • Construction – piston, screw or belt type;
  • Fuel type – electric, diesel, petrol;
  • Mobility – mobile and stationary.

Compressor rent service is often used at small construction sites, where there is an opportunity to connect to the network. Electric compressors are convenient and productive, they are included in the usual outlet, and provide high rates of pressure and compression. Electrically powered blowers can be piston or screw type. Mobile models of compressors are equipped with wheels and handles for transportation.

Renting a diesel compressor is indispensable on an open construction site where there is no possibility of connecting to the network and in general any areas where work is carried out “in the field”.

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