Rent a Drill

This type of service is popular not only among construction companies, finishing teams and professional repairers, but also among individuals who make repairs at home, in the country, in the workshop or other premises. Popularity is due to the fact that drill equipment is quite expensive, and the purchase of such a unit for the sake of one repair is unjustified in terms of cost. The drill for rent will cost inexpensive, it is necessary to pay only for the time when the equipment is actually used by you. Self drilling out holes in the concrete and disassembling-expanding works with a rented hammer is much cheaper than hiring a team of masters, and you can be sure of the quality of the work performed.

Drill usage

Repair and finishing works often require drilling various holes: when laying wiring and cables, installation of various equipment and auxiliary structures. Wooden and plasterboard walls, partitions, ceilings do not usually cause any problems, all operations can be performed with an ordinary drill. However, concrete slabs, brick walls and other high-strength elements require more serious percussion-drilling type equipment. With a drill, you can’t hang a painting or a plasma screen on a concrete wall, hammer a crutch into the ceiling, or run wiring. The drill for hire will help to cope with any material due to the impact of a rapidly rotating drill made of hardened steel, combined with the percussive motion of the working body.

The technical construction of the Drill

In general, the design of the hired hammer-drill does not differ too much from its “little brother” – a drill. Protected by a strong housing, the powerful electric motor through the gear rotates the working drill, and the control is done with a handy handle and a button. However, in addition to the large size, rotary hammers are characterized by the presence of the impact mechanism that moves the working head back and forth during the drilling process. Some drill models have a special percussion mode (without rotation), so you can replace the drill with a spade or chisel and use the hammer as a small hammer to remove the plaster layer, chipping old tile or ceramic tiles, expanding technological passages or window openings in a brick or concrete wall.

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